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Free Expert Help Marketing Consultancy for East Lothian small & medium sized businesses.

Small Business Marketing Consultants

Marketing is critical to business success, but you’re not alone if your marketing is not delivering the leads and sales that you need.

As professional, small business marketing consultants, Real Marketing can clarify, focus and transform your marketing.

We are full service marketing consultants based in East Lothian near Edinburgh. Our approach is practical and holistic – a one-stop shop for small business marketing that applies clear, long term thinking with creative, powerful execution across all key channels. Our clients really trust us which is why many have worked with us for years.

Need a Marketing Strategy & Plan?

Do your feel that your marketing lacks clear direction and focus, and that you could be wasting time and money on unplanned advertising, social media or your website? Do you need to relaunch your business?

Real Marketing has a unique, speeded-up approach to creating practical, visual strategic marketing plans, developed by working with more than 200 businesses. Discover how to use advanced marketing to turn your marketing and sales into a repeatable profit generator.

We can fully review your current marketing, website, social media, customer feedback and key competitors. Then, working with you, we’d create a plan for your customer targeting, products, pricing, website, ecommerce, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), social media, content marketing & PR, SEO, Facebook & Google Ads and video marketing, with a marketing budget, priorities and metrics…

You could book a free Zoom over a virtual coffee, and you’ll get some clear actionable results.

Or, you could complete the free Real Marketing Fitness Test to see how ‘marketing fit and agile’ your business is. This is a 5-minute, online marketing review which will get you analysing and thinking about your marketing strategically and give you results to action.

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Website & Digital Marketing Consultants

Digital Marketing Consultants: Making Websites, Social Media & Content Marketing Really Work

Real Marketing can undertake specific, defined projects, or execute and manage your marketing as your flexible Virtual Marketing Manager.

FREE Expert Help Marketing Consultancy for East Lothian Small Businesses

If you have an East Lothian SME, you could well qualify for up to 3 days of fully funded, Free Expert Help Marketing Consultancy, delivered by Real Marketing (applies to East Lothian SMEs only).

You’ll spend a third of your time getting face-to-face advice, and go away with a multi-channel, marketing strategy and action plan with clear priorities. Your marketing will have more clarity and focus, and you’ll have a clear picture of how to ensure your marketing, website, social media and budget drive profitable sales.

More than 25 East Lothian small businesses have already benefited and 100% of those giving feedback say ‘they would definitely recommend this marketing support’. See clients’ feedback and more info.

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Sunrise photo credit: Sebastien Gabriel (Unsplash) – many thanks!

“Christopher has managed to inspire marketing effort along cost effective and targeted channels to very good effect and to the envy of many competitors, often with larger budgets.”

Winton Castle

Sir Francis Ogilvy

“Christopher has helped with several Spotless projects and has managed to exceed expectations on each occasion. He has a detailed and insightful knowledge of his marketing. Strongly recommended.”

Brightwaste & Spotless

Roger Green, CEO

“It has really helped us to focus our thinking and also with how we structure our year in terms of marketing.”

Venturing Out CIC

Claire Mackenzie

“Christopher at Real Marketing Specialists was instrumental in helping me develop a marketing strategy for the year ahead and take my business to the next stage. His recommendations were
insightful and completely actionable. I would not hesitate to recommend this company!”

The Cheese Lady, Haddington


“We felt that Christopher listened to us and took account of our understanding and capabilities when it comes to marketing… We learnt about elements of marketing which we’d previously not considered such as building a YouTube channel for videos. There was also very detailed evaluation of our website which included aspects we had never before considered… It is very valuable to see the calendar with very clear targets…”

Hurly Burly Brewery

Louise & Peter McNaught

“I am very grateful to have received your help and for the comprehensive marketing strategy & advice for Inspire along with the email marketing and social media marketing. This will be very helpful to Inspire going forward.”

Inspire MediLaw

Caren Scott, Managing Director

“It was so useful to have a fresh pair of expert eyes look at our marketing. We got loads of great ideas from it and a clear action plan to carry them out.”

The Premium Bakery

Mona Hashem

“I very much enjoyed working with Christopher on our Marketing project. The work we did was very practical and the outcome is that I have a set of very clear, actionable points. Christopher went ‘over and above’ what he was required to do in the project and I am grateful for that.”

Martin Cook Accounting

Martin Cook

“Christopher from Real Marketing got to know our business, Baigali Designs, very quickly and his vast experience in Marketing helped us develop an excellent marketing and communication strategy. This has made a big difference to the way we operate. Highly recommended.”

Baigali Designs

Lesley & Gary Pugsley

“Christopher Lamotte of Real Marketing has done a first class job. Christopher’s great strengths are that when he says he’s going to do something, he does it and promptly. The immediate benefit is a full order book and costs are under control.”

Chippendale International School of Furniture

Anselm Fraser, Founder

“We were delighted and grateful to have Christopher’s experience on call, while he was always easy to work with – often going beyond what was expected. I can thoroughly recommend him!”

Belhaven Hill School

Innes Macaskill, Former Headmaster

“We couldn’t have got this far without Christopher Lamotte from Real Marketing’s attention to detail! …Great result. [And, our client] were super pleased with the health check – they said it was really high quality, and to pass their thanks on to the team.”

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T: (+44) 01620 825751
M: (+44) 07957 870071

E: moc.m-laer@ettomal.c

Real Marketing Specialists
Tannery House
15 Sidegate, Haddington
East Lothian, EH41 4BZ, UK

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