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Free Expert Help Marketing Consultancy for East Lothian small businesses (SMEs). Via Business Gateway by Real Marketing.

Christopher Lamotte of Real Marketing has done a first class job. Christopher’s great strengths are that when he says he’s going to do something, he does it and promptly. The immediate benefit is a full order book and costs are under control.
Education client

Education client 27th April 2015

Small Business Marketing Consultants near Edinburgh

As specialist small business marketing consultants, Real Marketing can fix or optimize your marketing, ensuring a clear, creative long term approach. We are professional, full service marketing consultants near Edinburgh, based in East Lothian.

With more than 20 years of valuable internet marketing and strategy experience with SMEs, we can help you focus on the most effective offline and digital channels.

Want to Set Up an eCommerce Website to Generate Online Sales, Fast?

If business lockdown has meant that you’ve had to shut your shop, retail warehouse, restaurant or service provider, please speak to Christopher Lamotte about opportunities to sell your products and services online, fast.

We can get your online shop up and running quickly and cost effectively. See eCommerce & Online Sales, and contact Christopher for a free Video Call. Let’s see if we can help. We have solutions which are excellent value, currently on a 25% discount.

1 to 3 Days of Free Marketing Consultancy for East Lothian SMEs

If you’re one of the many East Lothian businesses that’s been hit hard by Covid-19, you should consider this Free Marketing Consultancy support to Help East Lothian SMEs.

Is your business based in East Lothian? You may well qualify for 1 to 3 days of Free Marketing Consultancy, delivered by Real Marketing. This opportunity to have a practical marketing strategy and plan created is funded through East Lothian Business Gateway Expert Help. It is proving a popular, valuable initiative; 100% of the businesses providing feedback have said that ‘they would definitely recommend this marketing support’ to other small businesses.

You can see clients’ feedback and download the application form here. Or, apply by contacting Christopher Lamotte (07957 870071) at Real Marketing.

Getting Your Marketing Working for You

Whatever your marketing challenges, we’ll work with you to develop an integrated, cost effective approach so that you can ensure your marketing investment delivers, your business grows, you generate and convert more profitable business, you raise your profile, you build your brand, and you make more time for marketing.

We’re multi-channel marketing consultants, based near Edinburgh; we’ve worked with more than 170 small businesses, scale-ups and SMEs on specific projects or as their outsourced or virtual marketing managers, across all key marketing and digital channels. Read our Blogs & Tips (no chips!) on Marketing Strategy, Budgets, Email, Creativity and Content Marketing.

Digital Marketing Consultants: Fixing Websites, SEO, Social Media, Email & Video Marketing

We address specific marketing challenges with defined projects:

We can undertake specific, defined projects, or take care of your marketing for 1 to 8 days per month as your flexible Virtual Marketing Manager.

We’ll make your budget work really hard: we keep our overheads low so that you can benefit from our out-of-town fees, often up to 30% less than city rates.

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Client Testimonials

“You have given Marketing here a very considerable impetus in your short time with us; I am most grateful. …I have greatly enjoyed working with you and hope that we shall work together again.”
Education client

Education client 18th May 2015

Developing the website has been a mammoth task and I have no doubt that there has been a huge amount done behind the scenes which most of us are not aware of. You have masterminded this with skill and perseverance in the face, I have no doubt, of more than occasional frustration and we have got there. Well done!
Property Industry Association

Property Industry Association 30th April 2015

Christopher has managed to inspire marketing effort along cost effective and targeted channels to very good effect and to the envy of many competitors, often with larger budgets.
Hospitality & Tourism client

Hospitality & Tourism client 27th April 2015

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