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How do you ensure that you choose the right marketing consultant?

Too many people describe themselves as marketing consultants, but effective marketing today requires an extensive set of skills and experience which few have. There are too many amateur marketers who think they know marketing but, in our opinion, do not.

You won’t understand a marketer who talks jargon-filled textbook theory. You can’t trust the advice of a marketer full of ideas but no marketing qualifications or track record.

Marketing should be multi-channel

And, in today’s multi-channel world, you shouldn’t be tempted by the advice of a marketer who only specialises in one narrow area of marketing such as PR, sales or advertising. Guess what they’ll recommend you need to do? “You need a PR campaign…, help with your sales…, an advertising campaign!”

Your marketing consultant needs to work daily with digital and traditional channels, and be able to move seamlessly from thinking to doing, from strategy to execution.

A good marketing consultant will have a practical understanding of strategy and planning.

A good marketing consultant should have a strong blend of marketing experience, qualifications, professional accreditations and integrity. And, the right chemistry to work with you.

To be a marketing consultant, he or she should have a professional marketing qualification and take part in an annual programme of continuous professional development (CPD). They should also be a chartered marketer and should also have a recognised digital marketing qualification.

The marketer should be relaxed about sharing their experience and advice with you initially at no charge, so that you can get to know them without any obligation. See our Free Real Marketing Audit or Free Web & SEO Review.

An experienced marketer knows what works, and where your budget would be wasted. They will have learnt from their mistakes. We know how to make your marketing budget work very hard, and often find that new clients have been wasting marketing budgets by spending on the wrong activities. We clarify their strategy and ensure their budget is spent in the right areas.

See our client success stories. Meet our partners.

A good marketer will have a portfolio of client success stories to illustrate their points, and should be relaxed about giving you access to their clients for references. Just ask us.

The consultant should be able to recommend excellent graphic designers, web developers and SEO specialists, but should also be prepared to work with your own creative partners. See some of Real Marketing’s talented, trusted partners.

To see if we could be the marketing specialists you need, please contact Christopher Lamotte for a conversation with no obligation (via email or on 07957 870071).

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