Identify Many More B2B Website Leads

Did you know that only 2% of your B2B website visitors contact you? How would you like to identify more of the 98% of website visitors that don’t contact you? You and your sales team will love having this stream of leads to follow up.

CANDDI lets you identify who your anonymous B2B website visitors are so that you can follow them up.

An email alert will tell you when a website visitor has been identified. You’ll see their contact details and exactly which pages they’ve shown interest in.

CANDDI is the UK’s best website visitor identification tool for B2B businesses. Your one month free trial is easy to set up and lets you see the names and contact details of who’s visiting your website.

  • CANDDI lets you see which pages they visit and how long they spend on each page.
  • CANDDI even lets you track when your emails are opened. 
  • CANDDI integrates with LinkedIn, forms and CRM systems.

CANDDI shows you more leads, makes follow ups easier and helps you identify which leads are serious and which aren’t. CANDDI generates more leads and increases conversion rates.

Because CANDDI combines ‘IP tracking’ with ‘cookie tracking’, you can keep tracking your prospect’s activity, unlike alternative options like Lead Forensics. CANDDI also gives you a much longer trial, is better value and and offers flexible rolling contracts.

“Your sales team will love this lead identification tool! CANDDI is pure gold!”

Get better website visibility and find more leads by asking Christopher at Real Marketing for your free, month long CANDDI trial.

CANDDi operates in real time, and combines IP tracking with cookie tracking to ensure you capture more sales leads.

You’ll get an email alert the second important activity happens on your website. You can then see the visitor’s contact details, which pages they visited and how long they spent.

CANDDI Identifies Website Visitors

CANDDI Magic - Identify Many More Website Visitors

Let’s assume that you’ve already invested in your marketing and it’s driving prospects to your B2B website. To maximise the return from your investment, you need to convert as much of that traffic into paying customers.

CANDDI lets you identify many more of the visitors to your website so that you can convert more into customers. This should significantly improve the return from your marketing.

Improving website conversion rates is a ‘profit multiplier’ and CANDDI provides the magic for B2B businesses to achieve that.

A CANDDI is the most flexible and versatile option, and it’s easy to set up. You can set up a demo or a free trial.

CANDDI is only suited to B2B businesses and Christopher will tell you right away whether it should work well for your specific sector.

Get better website visibility and find more leads by asking Christopher at Real Marketing for your free, month long CANDDI trial. Or, schedule a meeting to ask more.

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