Laptop and website - Real Web & SEO Review

Would you like a review of your website, search engine optimisation (SEO) and how well your site works on mobiles? Are your marketing objectives being met and is your website ranking in key searches? Is it mobile-friendly?

The initial Free Real Web, SEO & Mobile Review will analyse whether your website communicates your selling messages and generates enquiries and sales.

The Review may analyze elements such as:

  • Design, graphics, consistency, look and feel.
  • Site navigation, usability, customer experience and download speeds.
  • The packaging up, or ‘productization’, of products and services.
  • Ease of contact, calls to action and and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).
  • E-commerce flows and processes, if appropriate.
  • Target keywords and rankings for search engines.
  • Use of analytics and goals to monitor website & digital marketing performance.
  • Online PR, blogs, social media & email marketing.
  • Fit with overall marketing strategy and objectives.

Mobile Marketing Review

Smartphones are the fastest growing products of all time. Many businesses now find that about 50% of their prospects and customers are looking  at their websites on smartphones or tablets.

Google is now using ‘mobile usability’ as a ‘significant’ ranking factor for websites in Google searches, particularly mobile searches. This means that your search ranking is likely to fall if your website is not ‘mobile-friendly’. It’s highly likely that Google will give those websites even higher rankings in the future.

The free initial Review will aim to answer some of these questions:

  • Does your website look good on smart phones and tablets?
  • Is it easy to use on a small screen eg ‘click to call’ and similar ‘on the move’ features?
  • Is your website sufficiently mobile-friendly to benefit from changes to Google search, or is its ranking being penalised?
  • Has it been built with responsive design so that it resizes well across most key mobile devices?
  • Are mobile users’ requirements so important that you need a separate mobile website?
  • Are there opportunities for your business to use text marketing (SMS) and other technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC) or Beacon? Some of these are particularly relevant to hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes, for example.

The free ‘initial’ review will cover these areas briefly, as appropriate. A more comprehensive review is also available on request.

The findings can form the basis of your Digital Marketing Plan.

Contact Christopher Lamotte for your free initial Real Web, SEO & Mobile Review by email or on 07957 870071 or 01620 825751.

As you’d expect, a more in-depth audit may show up other issues that a short one simply cannot be expected to find. Real Marketing reserves the right to decide whether businesses qualify for a free Review. To qualify, your business must employ a minimum of 3 people on a full-time basis.

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