Marketing Today Can Be Complex

Do your marketing challenges mean that you may be skating on thin ice? Are any aspects of your sales and marketing worrying you?

Marketing has never been more challenging or, ironically, given us so many opportunities. The world of communications is multi-channel; there are a proliferation of new digital communication channels and tools, and they change relentlessly.

But, fortunately, the fundamental principles of marketing are still the same. You still have to focus on your ideal groups of customers and have a clear marketing strategy, marketing action plan and budget, not to mention an excellent marketing team to execute your marketing; that drives inbound quality leads and puts your business on solid foundations for growth and real success.

At Real Marketing Specialists, I provide marketing consultancy work with ambitious small and medium sized companies on all aspects of their marketing, across all key channels, from marketing plans and strategy to detailed execution.

These are the marketing issues that I see amongst my small business clients, as confirmed by others in the industry.

Do you face any of these marketing issues?

  • No clear marketing strategy
  • Not finding or making enough time for marketing
  • Not managing to execute their marketing plan
  • Don’t have clear selling messages and USP
  • Wasting money on adverts
  • In our omni-channel world, don’t know which channels to focus on
  • Struggle with selling
  • Profile is too low
  • Marketing budget isn’t big enough

Or, do you worry about any of these web and digital marketing issues?

  • Facing business model change and losing competitive advantage to digital disrupters
  • Inbound marketing isn’t working
  • Our website doesn’t achieve its objectives
  • Don’t have a digital marketing strategy
  • Our digital marketing isn’t working on mobile devices
  • Need to improve our keyword rankings in search
  • Wasting time on social media with little return
  • Struggling with content marketing: don’t like writing and blogging isn’t happening
  • Shortage of marketing skills, particularly across both traditional and digital marketing channels

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