How B2B Marketing Differs from B2C Marketing

If you market your products or services to other businesses (B2B marketing), you need a different approach to marketing than if you target consumers.

To be a successful B2B marketer you should focus your time and marketing budget on establishing and managing a range of relationships. That’s because most business-to-business buying decisions are influenced by a group of people within your prospect’s company. Purchases are often based on research, detailed specifications, and are much more considered.

B2B Marketing_What do B2B customers want to know


For a successful sale to a business, particularly a big company, you may have to convince individuals with some of these roles that they need to buy your product (although one person may cover several of these roles):

Gatekeeper > Initiator > Influencer > Decider > Financier > Buyer > User

In summary, B2B marketing is:

  • Relationship driven so you must develop those relationships.
  • Smaller, more focused target markets than B2C markets.
  • Multi-step buying process with a longer sales cycle than B2C.
  • How your brand is seen is based on personal relationship.
  • Educational and awareness building activities are essential, using content marketing and seminars, for example.
  • Rational buying decision based on business value using a specification (or brief).

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76% of B2B buyers search for content that is relevant to help them make an informed decision before buying. It’s therefore crucial that your business is positioned as a thought leader in your market.

That’s why content marketing is booming amongst leading B2B marketers, generating 3 x more leads than traditional outbound marketing at a fraction of the cost.

Video marketing is also booming in the B2B world – not only is it a fast way to communicate complex messages to your viewers, but it gives you the chance to engage with them too. About 78% of B2B marketers use video.

And email marketing, done well to a good opted-in list, can often deliver a high ROI for B2B.

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