What B2B Customers Want

B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing

If you market your products or services to other businesses (B2B marketing), you need a different approach to marketing than if you target consumers.

To be a successful B2B marketer you should focus your time and marketing budget on establishing and managing a range of relationships. That’s because most business-to-business buying decisions are influenced by a group of people within your prospect’s company. Purchases are often based on research, detailed specifications, and are much more considered.

You have to deal with different companies within corporate groups, multiple sites, different departments, and ever changing job titles and responsibilities (20% of employees change jobs each year!).

For a successful sale to a business, particularly a big company, you may have to convince all of these individuals of their need to buy your product (one person may cover several of these roles):

Gatekeeper > Initiator > Influencer > Decider > Financier > Buyer > User

In summary, B2B marketing is:

  • Relationship driven so you must develop those relationships.
  • Smaller, more focused target markets than B2C markets.
  • Multi-step buying process with a longer sales cycle than B2C.
  • How your brand is seen is based on personal relationship.
  • Educational and awareness building activities are essential, using content marketing and seminars, for example.
  • Rational buying decision based on business value using a specification (or brief).

Identify your lost website leads

Is it fair to say that many of your website visitors don’t complete one of your contact forms? Would you like to identify the many anonymous website visitors that don’t enquire so that you can contact them before your competitors?

Only 2% of website visitors contact you. Want to identify many of the 98% of website visitors that don’t contact you?

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Harness the power of content marketing, email & video

76% of B2B buyers search for content that is relevant to help them make an informed decision before buying. It’s therefore crucial that your business is positioned as a thought leader in your market.

That’s why content marketing is booming amongst leading B2B marketers, generating 3 x more leads than traditional outbound marketing at a fraction of the cost.

Video marketing is also booming in the B2B world – not only is it a fast way to communicate complex messages to your viewers, but it gives you the chance to engage with them too. About 78% of B2B marketers use video.

And email marketing, done well to a good opted-in list, can often deliver a high ROI for B2B.

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