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A brand is a promise to your customers, the totality of perceptions about a product, service or business, the relationship customers have with it based on past experiences… and future expectations.

Philip Kotler 27th April 2015

Real Marketing loves ambition, but we can’t all expect to turn our businesses into global brands like Coca-Cola or Apple!

However, many business should be aiming to build local or niche brands, like Edinburgh Zoo, Mackies Ice Cream, Loretto School, Hopetoun House, Winton House, the Chippendale International School of Furniture, Montgomery Optometrists

Brand-building works because our purchase decisions are often more emotional than rational. Building a brand appeals to your customers’ emotions. We are driven more by wants than needs.

Your logo is not your brand; it is a representation of aspects of your brand.

A brand helps your business:

  • Stand out, even in a competitive market.
  • Encourages loyalty.
  • Gives credibility.
  • Supports premium prices.
  • Helps close sales more quickly.
  • Creates value in terms of equity.

But first, you need to know what your brand stands for from your customers’ perceptions, both its rational and emotional elements to ensure your image reflects that.

Your brand should be built from inside the business; it needs visibility, consistency, clarity, personality and a social dimension.

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