How good is your customer experience?

Do you regularly exceed your customers’ expectations?

Providing excellent customer experiences means really understanding and satisfying your customers’ needs and wants, now and for the long term.

Most of us operate in highly competitive markets so having excellent customer service could be your USP or a key differentiator, helping you stand out.

Many businesses need to monitor and manage their online reviews on platforms like Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot or Google Reviews. Do you have a review strategy? Do you integrate your online reviews with your website? Are you making the most of customer testimonials?

Just some of the benefits of providing very good customer experience are:

  • Higher conversion rates for acquiring new customers.
  • Your profits should rise as customer retention improves.
  • Satisfied customers make word-of-mouth recommendations and act as your sales force and advocates.
  • Your business receives higher reviews on the internet, and online recommendations through social media.

Analysis shows that if you retain just 5% more of your existing customers each year, your profits could increase by 20%.

You could start by prioritising some quick fixes which improve customer satisfaction ratings with your most profitable customers.

Two great quotes from Tim Ferriss: “Customer service is providing an excellent product at an acceptable price and solving legitimate problems (lost packages, replacements, refunds, etc.) in the fastest manner possible. That’s it….

“The more options you offer the customer, the more indecision you create and the fewer orders you receive — it is a disservice all around. Furthermore, the more options you offer the customer, the more manufacturing and customer service burden you create for yourself. The art of “undecision” refers to minimizing the number of decisions your customers can or need to make.”

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