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Traditional Marketing Still Works in our Multi-Channel World

Most businesses should consider using traditional communication channels like PR, direct mail, sales, advertising and exhibitions, alongside digital marketing.

Off-line marketing channels have evolved but can still be very effective when used well. So, don’t restrict your promotion to your website, blog and social media, even if they seem cheaper and easier. (Unless, of course, your business is entirely online, but few are in practice).

Successful communication strategies use the right blend of off-line and internet marketing. However, what’s right for your business depends on where your customers are and and on your marketing budget.

Understand your Customers’ Journeys

By understanding your customers’ journeys, you can improve the effectiveness of your communications and generate higher sales. Customer journeys are the route that your new customers take from becoming ‘aware’ of your products to taking ‘action’ to buy them.

The AIEDA model of buyer decision-making (see below) is a useful way of looking at the route customers take before buying from you.

Awareness > Interest > Evaluation > Desire > Action

With the development of more communication channels, customer journeys are now more complex. Purchases can now involve 7 to 13 customer touch points (or contacts) with your company or product.

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