Direct Mail Postcard Example

Do your sales letters have a clear message, or are they a confusing mix of different messages? Are you speaking directly to the prospect using ‘You’ and ‘Your’?

If you have a good list or your prospects are easy to identify, direct mail may be well worth considering. Print costs have fallen and good direct mail is more likely to have an impact because so much communication has gone online.

But, many businesses find that their direct mail campaigns are let down by poor quality execution.

Real Marketing Specialists has executed many integrated direct mail, email marketing and telemarketing campaigns.

We can plan and copy write creative, high impact direct mail campaigns which deliver.

Powerful sales letters drive direct mail

Research shows physical items like direct mail are more likely to be remembered than digital materials.

Our tips are:

  • Solve problems, address needs and understand prospects’ ‘objections’.
  • Focus on benefits and delivering real value, not on features or exaggerated claims or offers. Eg “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity” won’t work.
  • A three stage campaign – the ‘power of three’ – works well. For example, a campaign could include a teaser mailing, lumpy direct mail letter (enclose some or your branded merchandise) and a follow-up phone call.

To plan a hard-hitting direct mail campaign, please call (07957 870071 or 01620 825751) or email Christopher Lamotte.

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