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Does your business regularly get good free press coverage in newspapers and magazines read by your customers? 

If not, you are probably missing an opportunity.

Press coverage is usually free and has many benefits: it’s great for raising awareness, establishing credibility, reaching influencers, educating consumers, speeding up sales and brand building.

Some suggestions are:

  • Use PR (public relations, aka media relations) as a better value, more credible alternative to expensive advertising. Editorial should be free although some publications insist on paid-for adverts.
  • You should reuse your press releases and photos in your blog or news section, in your email newsletter and in your social media channels.
  • Build up a media contacts list which includes the trade, local and national media your business should be targeting.

And, you should be integrating your PR with content marketing online so that you are doing Content Marketing & PR.

Do you have a good database of media contacts? The quality of your relationships with your media contacts has a big impact on how much coverage you can get.

And, don’t believe the myth that ‘all PR is good PR’. It’s not! Do you want to be associated with bad news?

If you want to raise your profile with a PR campaign, please call (07957 870071 or 01620 825751) or email Christopher Lamotte.

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