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Sales fixes everything.

30th April 2015

All businesses need to generate sales, so it’s helpful to be good at selling or to have at least someone in your team who is.

Good marketing makes selling much easier. And, if marketing is used effectively, you should never have to make a cold call.

We’re not all born salesmen but sales processes and skills can be learnt.

It’s well known that people buy from people they like and trust, so earning trust and building rapport are essential.

Some of our quick selling tips are:

  • Get pitch perfect. You need to ensure that you have a really good one minute pitch and a clear selling proposition.
  • Avoid the hard sell. Selling has changed and should be much less pushy.
  • Manage your sales with a good database, contact manager or customer relationship management (CRM) system. Ensure the sales contacts include the decision maker (as well as influencers).
  • You must follow up on all worthwhile leads rigorously.
  • Your sales team must be given the right marketing tools to support their selling efforts.
  • If you don’t have your own sales team, it may make sense to run telemarketing campaigns.

Real Marketing Specialists has managed successful telemarketing campaigns as important components of broader, integrated campaigns to follow up on leads generated by websites.

There are some good professional telemarketers who you can work with on a subcontract basis. However, ensure they are well briefed and really understand your products and services.

To improve your sales, please call (07957 870071 or 01620 825751) or email Christopher Lamotte.

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