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Developing the website has been a mammoth task and I have no doubt that there has been a huge amount done behind the scenes which most of us are not aware of. You have masterminded this with skill and perseverance in the face, I have no doubt, of more than occasional frustration and we have got there. Well done!
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Property Industry Association 30th April 2015

Digital Marketing Consultants – Website Design & Digital Marketing that Works

As digital marketing consultants near Edinburgh, we can take care of all areas of your online communications.

The Covid-19 Crisis has made websites, ecommerce and digital marketing more important than ever. So, now is a good time to review your whole approach to digital marketing.

Need to Design & Build a New Website?

Is your website promoting your business effectively and meeting its marketing objectives? Is it on a content management system (CMS)? Is it a mobile-first website which is responsive on mobiles and tablets? Has your website been built so to support search engine optimization?

Your website design should be uncluttered, attractive, emotionally appealing and in keeping with your brand, its design and colours. Navigation should be easy and intuitive.

It must have effective calls to action and focus on conversion rates. See our blog on How to Win More Customers from your Website…

The process of planning your new website and digital marketing could involve:

  • Reviewing your current website and online strategy.
  • Undertaking research on your current website with customers and competitors to provide insights for the website brief.
  • Creating pen-pictures of your customer (‘personas’) to bring your customers to life.
  • Creating a website brief with a website map (and SEO guide) to circulate to trusted web developers.

Real Marketing can build or improve your website and roll out your digital marketing:

  • Execute all aspects of the website development: project manage the design, photography, ‘look & feel’; guide the website navigation and usability; create online enquiry forms.
  • Set up a powerful, low cost ecommerce solution to drive sales fast.
  • Copy write the website content, working closely with your team.
  • Implement a workable, integrated social media marketing strategy that drives engagement and achieves your marketing objectives.
  • Execute an approach to content marketing & PR which weaves together your blog, email, social media marketing and traditional PR. This ensures you have fresh content on your website.
  • Implement a long term, ‘white hat’ approach to search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Use video marketing or podcasting to engage with your audience and turbo-charge your social media.
  • Ensure Google Analytics is set up to monitor website traffic, goals, return on investment (ROI) and let you measure how well your marketing effectiveness.

Not Enough Time for your Digital Marketing?

We can also take care of running your online marketing for 2 to 4 days per month so that you can get on with running your business. Real Marketing could create content and manage all aspects of your website, content marketing and PR, social media, Facebook and Google Ads, and SEO.

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