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Around 76 per cent of B2Bs still don’t have a video presence on Google. That will change drastically.

30th April 2015

Does your business have its own YouTube or Vimeo channel?

We love video marketing: videos bring our clients’ products and services to life; they communicate emotions, subtleties and powerful customer testimonials.

Video also allows you to show people how to use complex products, vastly more effectively than trying to use words.

Using video for promotion is growing rapidly:

  • Cisco predicts that by 2017 online video will account for nearly 70 per cent of all consumer internet traffic.
  • YouTube is now streaming a remarkable four billion videos every 24 hours.
  • 60 hours of new content is added to YouTube every minute.

They should always be properly set up and optimised for search engines, and can play an important role in your SEO.

We favour using a mix of professionally made and home-grown videos, and professional videos needn’t be expensive.

You can see some examples of videos created for clients in Real Marketing’s YouTube Channel.

If you want to get into video marketing and have your own YouTube channel, please call (07957 870071 or 01620 825751) or email Christopher Lamotte.