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Need to Transform Your Marketing?

Book a free Marketing Video Chat or phone call for up to an hour to review your business’s marketing and sales. What can you do to help your business survive and rebound?

Christopher will listen to your concerns, quickly review your marketing (particularly your digital marketing) and make some practical recommendations to get your marketing working.

Some of the many questions to consider may be:

  • Have you switched off as many costs as possible?
  • Are there free communications channels – social media, content marketing, home-grown video – you could use more effectively?
  • Are there particular products and services, and particular groups of customers, where there’s more demand?
  • Can you book more business for later this year or into next year?
  • Can you sell more of your business online? Are there e-commerce opportunities?
  • Can you be clever with your pricing or promotions?
  • Are there grants or free advice that would help?

See our blog ‘20 Ways to Continue Marketing with No Budget‘.

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