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Upgrade Your Website for Online Sales Fast – Get eCommerce Working Quickly

Your shop may have closed. Your office, warehouse, factory or services may have had to go on hold or shut down. You may be on lockdown at home. This is a very unsettling, challenging time.

When you can think clearly, you may want to consider whether your business could generate online sales?

Many businesses can add eCommerce functionality to their website to generate valuable online sales. There are several great options and it may not be as costly an investment as you think.

We have specially discounted Combat Covid rates, and should be able to get you up and running very cost effectively.

WooCommerce Leads eCommerce

Should you use WooCommerce (WordPress), Shopify, Squarespace or another ecommerce option?

  • Do you have a WordPress website? WooCommerce works well with WordPress and is the most popular platform globally with 26% of the market. It’s great for running ecommerce websites as a fully functioning online shops. There are extensions for integrating payment gateways, social media, email marketing, 1-click selling and shipping. WooCommerce is very good for SEO.
  • Do you have a Squarespace website? Squarespace is now a fully-fledged eCommerce platform that and lets its users sell online.
  • Have you heard of Shopify? It’s great for selling; Shopify works across social media platforms and powerful marketplaces like Amazon. However, it’s weak for SEO.
  • There’s also a low cost, hosted cloud ecommerce platform used by over 1 million merchants which is an easy way to add an online store to any website or socialmedia platform simultaneously.

Read more about Real Marketing’s eCommerce services and our review of some of the leading platforms.

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