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Christopher has managed to inspire marketing effort along cost effective and targeted channels to very good effect and to the envy of many competitors, often with larger budgets.
Hospitality & Tourism client

Hospitality & Tourism client 27th April 2015

A Complete Marketing Consultancy

Real Marketing Specialists is a full service marketing consultancy, a multi-channel marketing consultancy. We plan and execute marketing strategies and campaigns across all key traditional and digital channels, creating the right marketing mix, and blending the power of offline and online channels.

We’re a one-stop shop for marketing, from thinking to doing, from strategy to detailed execution. This ensures that whatever your marketing challenges, we’ll develop an integrated, cost effective approach to your marketing so that you can grow your business, achieve your goals and build your brand.

Real Marketing will inject clarity, focus and energy into your marketing.

We are often retained as virtual marketing managers, as flexible outsourced marketing managers, and also on specific projects.

Most Real Marketing projects start with the development of a short, practical marketing strategy and plan, which we go onto execute for our clients. We work daily with websites, copy writing, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, email, content marketing, video marketing, PR, branding and strategic planning, helping our clients build successful businesses.

Founded in 2001 in Haddington in East Lothian, near Edinburgh, we have worked with more than 140 companies providing results-driven, holistic marketing consultancy.

Why ‘Real Marketing’? Our Values

At its core, marketing is about putting your customers at the heart of your business. We passionately believe that all successful businesses must understand their customers needs and wants, and have mastered strategic marketing.

That’s why we describe ourselves as ‘customer evangelists’ and ‘marketing evangelists’.

Yes, we’re very enthusiastic about marketing! We love marketing and business, and want to help your business grow successfully on firm foundations.

Our focus on growing our clients’ businesses is represented by our logo; this is based on the Koru, a Moari symbol of growth and evolution, a spiral that echoes an unfurling fern. A spiral is also an ancient symbol of progress and growth, particularly in Celtic cultures. Our mission is to help businesses progress, evolve and grow with ‘real’ marketing.

Real Marketing Spiral Logo

We build brands and drive profits, creatively and professionally, stimulating spirals of growth and evolution.

We value trust, integrity, partnership and professionalism, and work with many of our clients for the long term.

Our Credentials

Christopher is a chartered marketer, has an MBA (University of Warwick), a Diploma in Digital Marketing (IDM) and is a former, practising chartered surveyor.

Christopher has extensive experience of managing rapidly growing businesses, launching new products, advising start-ups and working in challenging turn-arounds. This has included management and board level experience at telecoms and software businesses:

  • ScottishTelecom (became Thus plc), where he launched a new nationwide consumer telephone service.
  • Orbital Software plc where he managed and launched pioneering knowledge sharing products and services.
  • Phonebox, where, as Marketing Director, he helped turn around this innovative business (became Vianet plc).
  • An e-learning software start-up where he grew the business as Marketing Director.

The partners have also worked in marketing roles at The Boroughloch Consultancy, David Clark Associates (Marketing & Management Consultancy), IMP, Merchiston Castle School, Cargilfield School, Loretto School, Winton Castle and Ogilvy Chalmers.

Christopher honed his start-up and entrepreneurial skills the hard way by building his own ambitious social enterprise, an e-commerce start-up: an online holiday letting marketplace, a specialist niche Airbnb called Yes Holidays. So, he understands the immense challenges of being an entrepreneur!

A former practising chartered surveyor, Christopher has also worked in property development, investment and agency with Quality Street Residential Investments, Brixton plc, Chestertons, King & Co (now King Sturge) and Ryden.

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