Invest in Video Marketing

We love video marketing: videos bring your clients’ products and services to life; they communicate complex messages, emotions, subtleties and powerful customer testimonials.

Video allows you to show your customers how to use complex products, much more effectively than words.

Want Your Own YouTube or Vimeo Channel?

We’re all using video now:

  • YouTube is now streaming more than four billion videos every day.
  • 80 hours of new content is added to YouTube every minute.

Videos need to be carefully briefed to ensure your budget is well spent.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? That’s why your videos should always be be properly set up and optimised for search engines. Video should be playing an important role in your search engine rankings.

More than half of all B2B companies still don’t have a video presence on Google. That will change drastically.

Use a Blend of Professional and DIY Videos

You can use a mix of professional and home-grown videos. Professional videos don’t need to be expensive.

Working with our talented video partners, since 2010 Real Marketing has been creating powerful videos for many clients, including Winton Castle, Inspire MediLaw, The Chippendale International School of Furniture and Belhaven Hill School.

These have ranged from virtual tours and open mornings, product and service videos, to short home page videos, wedding and events videos, repurposed BBC or ITV videos, and customer testimonials.

We also have experience of delivering Zoom and hybrid webinars and conferences.

You can see some examples of videos created for clients in Real Marketing’s YouTube Channel.

Do you want to embrace the power of video marketing and develop your own YouTube channel…?

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