Harness the Power of Email Marketing with an Email Marketing Consultant

Email marketing done well often delivers up to 15X higher returns (ROI) than any other form of digital marketing, particularly social media.

Email used well with a high quality, opt-in list can be very powerful. It is also one of the most measurable ways of promoting your business. Yet, many of us still spend significantly more time and money on online advertising and social media posts (of course, these can also play important roles).

Email is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with your customers, building relationships, sharing advice and news, answering FAQs, driving traffic to your website, supporting social media sharing, promoting products, making irresistible offers, and driving leads and sales.

Yes, email used badly is spam and can easily annoy your customers, so you must follow the rules and best practice.

Real Marketing Transformation has been involved in email marketing since 2000, and has created and mailed out more than around 500 email newsletters; they usually achieve much higher open rates than industry averages (from 30-88%), because of personalisation, valuable engaging content, high quality lists and following good practice.

Email marketing with a high quality opt-in list can be very powerful. It is also one of the most measurable ways of promoting your business.

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Improve Your Email Marketing and Campaigns with an Email Marketing Consultant

I can work with you to develop your email strategy and campaigns, as follows:

  • Design and set up flexible templates and campaigns for your email newsletters. These could include branded html templates and plainer, lightly branded email templates (both perform different roles in effective campaigns).
  • Help you build up high quality, spam-free, opt-in email lists.
  • Create inspiring, creative content with stories, photographs and embedded videos.
  • Thoroughly test the draft emails before pressing the send button.
  • Set up triggered and programmed campaigns eg after list sign up; or downloading a lead magnet.
  • Provide metrics and reports on campaigns, complemented by occasional Zoom meetings.

You can see advice on email marketing in my blog 12 Essential Email Marketing Tips…

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