Transformational Marketing Coaching and Growth Coaching

Are you happy with your business’s marketing and your personal growth?

Marketing has never offered so many opportunities but also never been so complex with lots of channels to choose from and too much technology. The result: too often marketing is unplanned, costly and lacks clear, long term direction. Therefore, your business does not deliver the profits and growth that you urgently need.

Are you confused by your marketing challenges and understanding? Are you facing blocks to your own potential, growth and success?

You should consider the Real Marketing Transformation coaching programme. This includes 6 powerful coaching sessions (over 6 to 12 weeks), with support, actions and follow up between sessions.

A shorter programme of 3 coaching sessions over 3 to 5 weeks is also available.

The programme can be run as individual coaching for you, or group coaching for your team.

My approach is transformational and practical, and blends coaching, mentoring with some consulting. It is ideally suited to CEOs, owner managers and marketing teams who have personal and marketing challenges which they want to address themselves with guidance, training and support. The process and tools are based on successfully providing marketing support for 250 SMEs over 30 years.

Over recent months, I’ve successfully delivered coaching to individuals in the UK, Switzerland and Canada. I’m also currently a coaching client for coaches in Greece and India.

The Real Marketing Transformation Coaching Programe is completely focused on your needs and includes:

  • Agreeing and working towards goals that will transform your business and your life.
  • Identifying and overcoming blocks to success, and changing mindsets based on the neuroplasticity of your brain.
  • Running a full strategic marketing review, including comprehensive analysis of your business model (your products and their pricing).
  • Learning how to harness the power of competitor and customer research.
  • Developing a practical, visual strategic marketing plan and growth plan.
  • Helping you execute your growth plan. This will be supported by practical templates, guides and AI tools.

Transform Your Mindset and Grow as an Individual

Based on tried-and-tested growth coaching techniques, the Real Transformation Coaching programme will also help you grow significantly as an individual. You’ll learn to improve your:

  • Plans to achieve your goals.
  • Time management and decision-making.
  • Listening, body language and communication.
  • Mindset and the flexibility of your thinking.
  • Eating, sleeping and exercise.
  • Upgrade your peer groups and networking.

See How Balanced Your Life Is

Why don’t you complete the Wheel of Life? This is a classic, visual coaching exercise which help you measure and see how ‘balanced’ your life and work are. It only takes 3 minutes to complete. You can begin your coaching journey right now and start to reflect on your personal growth! Complete your Wheel of Life.

Christopher Lamotte MCIM MBA MRICS DipDigM
Christopher Lamotte, MCIM MBA MRICS DipDigM

Grow your Business by 20% in up to 3 Months

The Real Transformation Coaching programme will help you grow your business by 20% in up to 3 months.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have a clearer approach to your marketing and have learnt a huge amount about marketing and yourself.

How will you know that your business and yourself have grown by at least 20% in up to 3 months? We’ll demonstrate your business’s transformation by measuring your leads, sales, website analytics, social media and email marketing, as well as measuring changes in your midset and progress towards achieving your goals. Whatever is appropriate.

Clearly, what makes sense to measure will vary depending upon your business, strategy and goals.

If you want to transform your business and yourself in just 3 months, contact me, Christopher Lamotte, for an informal chat over a Marketing Transformation Call.

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