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Real Marketing can take care of your website design, digital marketing and ecommerce, as your digital marketing consultants. We’ve been working with websites and online marketing since 1998.

Having a highly effective website and digital marketing is now fundamental to the success of most businesses.

Need to Build a New, Better Website?

  • Is your website promoting your business effectively and achieving your marketing objectives?
  • Is your website mobile-first, which is easy to navigate and fast on mobiles?
  • Has it been built to support search engine optimization?
  • Is your website the hub of your online presence?

Between 50% and 70% of your website visitors may be looking at your website on smartphones. So most websites should be designed ‘mobile-first’ as well as responsive, with buttons that are easy to tap.

Your website design should be uncluttered, attractive and emotionally appealing in keeping with your brand, its design and colours. The best websites have effective calls to action and are focused on improving conversion rates.

If your website needs to be upgraded or replaced, we’d ensure that your web designer or developer is properly briefed and puts enough thought into its navigation, usability and conversion rate optimisation. They need a carefully considered written brief and a website map.

Let us make it easy for you to build a professional website. To ensure you have a beautiful, high impact website that generates valuable leads, you need a digital marketing consultant who can be your website designer and project manager.

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Executing Your Digital Marketing

We can also execute the key components of your digital marketing as your digital marketing consultant:

  • Implement a working social media marketing strategy that drives engagement and achieves your marketing objectives.
  • Execute an approach to content marketing & PR which weaves together your blog, email marketing, social media marketing and traditional PR. This drives inbound marketing and ensures you have fresh content on your website.
  • Implement a long term, ethical, ‘white hat’ approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) that Google trusts.
  • Use video marketing or podcasting to engage with your audience and turbo-charge your social media.
  • Consider opportunities for text marketing (SMS).
  • Ensure Google Analytics is properly set up to monitor website traffic, goals, and return on investment (ROI).

Would You Like to Know Who’s Visiting Your Website?

If you’re marketing to other businesses in a B2B market, your sales team will love CANDDI. This tool which lets you identify more of the 98% of website visitors that don’t contact you. Real Marketing can arrange a free one month trial of CANDDI. You can also see when prospects open your emails. Learn more about CANDDI.

Real Marketing can run your digital marketing as your virtual marketing manager so that you can get on with running your business.

“Developing the website has been a mammoth task and I have no doubt that there has been a huge amount done behind the scenes which most of us are not aware of. You have masterminded this with skill and perseverance in the face, I have no doubt, of more than occasional frustration and we have got there. Well done!” (Scottish Land & Estates, Property Industry Association)

Christopher can be your website project manager and manage all aspects of your website, copy writing, social media marketing, email marketing, Facebook and Google Ads, and SEO. Request a no-obligation Zoom Website Review now!

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