Does Your Website & Marketing Need to Be Reviewed?

Too many websites don’t meet expectations. They have a poor online presence, can’t be found in searches, don’t generate enough enquiries or sales, and conversion rates are poor.

Too often marketing is unplanned, costly and lacks long term direction. Do you have a clear customer value proposition (or USP) and clear selling messages? Are you confident that you’re using the most effective channels?

Most businesses should have their website as the hub of their online presence. Businesses that have been improving their websites, investing in ecommerce and focused on their conversion rates are probably doing well. Those who haven’t aren’t growing as fast as they could or fulfilling their potential.

On your free, no-obligation Website & Marketing Review over Zoom, Christopher will listen to your concerns, review your website and marketing. You’ll get, at least, 5 practical recommendations that you can implement.

  • The structure, content and usability of your website.
  • Your brand values, branding and design.
  • Whether your website instantly communicates ‘trust’.
  • The clarity of your USP, selling messages and how well your products are presented (ie ‘productized’).
  • How well your website is converting visitors into enquiries and sales (ie conversion rate optimization (CRO)).
  • Whether e-commerce can be added or improved, and if any of your processes can be digitised and automated.
  • Your approach to social media marketing, content marketing, reviews, email marketing and video marketing.
  • How easily your website can be found in searches (SEO).
Christopher Lamotte MCIM MBA MRICS DipDigM
Christopher Lamotte, MCIM MBA MRICS DipDigM

Learn How to Make your Website & Marketing Work Much Harder

You’ll be pleased to hear that improving website conversion rates can cost surprisingly little. Improving conversion rates is a ‘profit multiplier’! Making significant improvements to your website and marketing needn’t be expensive.

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