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One of the largest social networks, Twitter is the ‘buzz generator’ where people go for breaking news and updates. It’s a very fast-paced environment, intended to be short and sweet…

Search Engine Journal 30th April 2015

Where are your customers having their online conversations? Are your customers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram?

Social media has revolutionised marketing, created vast online communities and internet-powered word-of-mouth.

You need to ensure your website is properly integrated with the key social media platforms used by your target customers. The most appropriate social media channels vary from sector to sector. So, which are the right ones for your business?

We love blogging and include blogs in our definition of social media: we usually recommend that a blog should run as your social media hub, at the centre of your social media activities, providing content for your social channels.

If you run a B2B business it may only be right for you to be on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and have a blog. If your products are best displayed in photos, Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr may be best. Twitter is great for engaging with the media and distributing press releases.

Social media empowers your customers, prospects and partners to follow, recommend, comment, mention and, of course, complain about your products.

Social media is all about conversations, sharing, engaging and driving traffic to your website. It allows you to have an on-going relationship with a wider potential audience and can be a fantastic source of referrals and testimonials.

Real Marketing has been developing social media strategies and executing campaigns for clients since 2010. We have in depth experience of: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram,Google my Business and Blogging.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Don’t want to run your own social media? You can ask us to manage your social media with one of our valuable packages:

1. Social Media Starter – £299 per month: gets your social media up and running, with regular posts on a limited number of channels.

2. Social Media Gold – £375 per month: blogs and more posts on more channels.

3. Social Media Platinum – £499 per month: more blogs, more posts, more channels.

4. Customised Social Media Marketing – tell us your requirements. We can also provide social media coaching and training.

Real Marketing understands business and strategy, so we will ensure that any posts reflect this. All packages come with a social media review, content plan, and regular metrics and reporting.

Social Media Advertising

There are, of course, highly targeted, low cost advertising options in some social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which allow specific demographic targeting. These options are worth considering, perhaps initially with a test campaign. But, be aware, social media users are set on socialising and are often not in a buying mindset.

Online Reviews

Do you monitor your online reviews and have a review strategy? Are your customers using TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, TrustPilot,, Feefo, Yelp, LinkedIn or one of the many other sector specific review sites?

Businesses have to understand the power of reviews and the recommendations of friends and other consumers. Many consumers now visit review websites before coming to your website.

Genuine in-depth customer interviews can produce compelling customer stories and have some advantages over more manufactured case studies.

We understand our clients’ businesses and can work as part of your in-house team. This ensures our social media posts are authentic, interesting and encourage sharing.

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