Customer Research - Real Marketing Specialists

Ensure you know your customers and competitors well

Do you understand how your customers rate your products? Have you conducted a customer research survey within the last 2 years?

Do you regularly benchmark your business against 3 to 5 key competitors? You can learn a lot from your most innovative competitors, their websites and digital marketing.

Knowing your customers and competitors, and being close to your market is fundamental to marketing your business successfully.

You should know what your customers perceive to be your products’ real strengths and weaknesses.

Do you know the size of your reachable market, and what the trends are in your market?

Market intelligence has never been easier and less expensive to get.

Real Marketing Specialists can:

  • Undertake desk research, internet research and market analysis to evaluate new markets.
  • Design and do research programmes using online questionnaires, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, postal questionnaires or focus groups.
  • Run workshops to agree strategic options and actions.
  • Use the research to help you refine or develop your marketing strategy and marketing plan.

Contact Christopher Lamotte (via email or on 07957 870071) at Real Marketing if you need to know how your customers see you, or want to beat your competitors.