RAM Advertising Effectiveness Case Study

Market Research & Advertising Measurement Case Study

RAM is an international research company that measures how articles, advertisements, content and digital marketing are consumed and perceived. Their customers include more than 1000 media companies from Sweden and the UK, to the US and other European countries: TV, Radio, newsprint, media agencies and advertisers. Their panels and their huge reference database provide their clients with a full understanding of what works in advertising and communications, and what doesn’t.

RAM’s competitors include much larger companies like Nielsen, Brand Metrics and Comscore.

Real Marketing’s project focused on developing a marketing strategy and plan for the UK and Irish franchise for this Swedish business.

Marketing Strategy and Planning Consultancy

The marketing support for RAM, which was funded through Expert Help Marketing Support, included:

  • A strategic marketing review using the Real Marketing Review questionnaire and meetings.
  • Analysis of 3 key competitors.
  • Developing a strategic marketing plan and practical action plan.


The project was initially focused only on using social media to grow the new consumer panels, but, at Christopher’s suggestion, was broadened to a holistic review of the marketing strategy.

The agreed improvements to RAM’s marketing included:

  • A clear marketing strategy and action plan.
  • Website content improvements to text clarity, selling messages and engagement.
  • Changes to communicate trust on the website to improve conversion rates, with more client feedback/voice (text or videos). Also changes to the calls to action.
  • Suggestions to recruit more panellists to the RAM UK and Ireland consumer panels and balance the panel profiles, using a website, email marketing and social media.

RAM was already making progress to implement their action plan before the project was completed.

“I recently had a one off marketing task that I needed some advice on [recruiting consumer panellists], and I contacted Christopher to discuss. This resulted in a full marketing review of my business, which has been extremely valuable in helping me to focus on the priorities to help build awareness and growth. Christopher is extremely professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with, and I am sure that there will be further collaboration moving forward. Would highly recommend.” (Dianne Newman, RAM UK & Ireland)