The Cheese Lady- Artisan Food Case Study

Artisan Food Marketing Case Study

The Cheese Lady shop in Haddington has become a much loved shrine to fine cheeses, which “offers you a curated selection of the best farmhouse and artisan cheeses (also known as fine cheese) from Britain and the Continent”.

Real Marketing supported The Cheese Lady by developing a practical marketing strategy and plan through free Expert Help Marketing Consultancy (funded via East Lothian Business Gateway).

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Action Plan

The marketing support for the Cheese Lady included:

  • Conducting a strategic marketing review.
  • Carrying out competitor research and customer analysis.
  • Developing a strategic marketing plan and action plan.


This marketing project was completed during lockdown in 2020.

The Cheese Lady continued to thrive by supplying delicious fine cheeses to her existing customers and expanding her customer-base through ecommerce, her email newsletter, online tastings and her website. Soon Svetlana moved to a larger shop in Haddington as the popular business continued to grow.

“Christopher at Real Marketing Specialists was instrumental in helping me develop a marketing strategy for the year ahead and take my business to the next stage. His recommendations were insightful and completely actionable. I would not hesitate to recommend this company!” (Svetlana, The Cheese Lady in a Google Review)