Technology Marketing Case Study

All Simple provides easy setup, clear prices, fast servers and 99.99% uptime for website hosting.

All Simple wanted to provide a personal, dependable hosting service in an industry infamous for its slow, impersonal service. We believe that we’ve achieved that vision because our loyal clients tell us that our service is far better than the big players’.

The Real Marketing website is hosted using All Simple as are several of our clients’ websites. We highly recommend their exceptionally responsive service, fast servers and very reliable uptime.

Marketing Strategy & Virtual Marketing Management

The marketing strategy and planning project for All Simple was followed by several months as the firm’s Virtual Marketing Manager to execute the plan. Work included:

  • Strategic marketing review;
  • Customer, competitor & market research;
  • Marketing strategy & plan development;
  • Branding improvements, including creating a strapline to build a USP – ‘Web hosting with a human touch’;
  • Website content improvements & copywriting;
  • Content marketing.


All Simple has a clear USP, providing excellent customer service and being fast to respond and contactable by phone. This differentiates the web hoster from its larger competitors who are slow to respond and typically provide an impersonal, slow service.

Christopher also successfully introduced All Simple to a website hosting competitor which they acquired. This allowed the business to grow rapidly over the next year and beyond.