Education Marketing Case Study

Founded in 1985, the Chippendale School is one of Europe’s leading international furniture design and furniture making college. It runs the best, intensive one year course course in the UK for which it charges premium fees.

Outsourced Marketing Manager

Christopher Lamotte worked as the school’s flexible marketing manager on a consultancy basis for 3 very successful years. He developed and executed a powerful multi-channel strategy with a mix of digital and traditional marketing to recruit UK and international students.


As a result, the college was filled for the first time and ran at full capacity each year during the depths of the recession.

Successful marketing included: new websites; video marketing and developing a successful YouTube channel; social media; email marketing; SEO; blogging and PR; creating a prospectus.

Real Marketing also developed and launched their new, fully search engine optimized, international website which combined 3 former websites.